The Last War Trailer

The Last War Trailer (1961)

"Learn what will happen if another global war breaks out!" 08 October 1961 Drama 110 mins

This Japanese film speculates on the events which lead the U.S. and the Soviet Union into a nuclear Armageddon.

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The Last War (1961) - Japanese Theatrical Trailer (Reconstruction)


The Last War (1961) - International English Trailer (480p)

"It took place yesterday. It's happening today! It may happen TOMORROW!"

The Last War (1961) - Trailer

Trailer for Brenco Pictures' 1967 release of "The Last War." Brenco dubbed and edited the film for a theatrical release but shut down before "The Last War" made ...

The Last War (1961) - U.S. TV Trailer

Longer version from Ed Godziszewski's 16mm reel.

The Last War - U.S Trailer (HD)

In this timely war drama the threat of global thermonuclear war escalated to frightening proportions Nations everywhere have armed themselves with enough ...

The Last War Trailer

The Last War This is the teaser trailer for The Last War feature film the film covers a war between humans and the cyteen spanning thirty years as they fight ...

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