Die Fledermaus Trailer

Die Fledermaus Trailer (1962)

"Der größte und prächtigste deutsche Farbfilm" 02 February 1962 Comedy, Music 107 mins

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Peter Alexander

as Dr. Gabriel Eisenstein

Marianne Koch

as Rosalinde

Gunther Philipp

as Pista von Bundassy

Boy Gobert

as Prinz Orlofsky

Hans Moser

as Frosch

Oskar Sima

as Basil Arabayam

Susi Nicoletti

as Baronin Martens

Rudolf Carl

as Diener Josef

Ellen Umlauf

as Young Lady in Prison


Willy Winterstein

Willy Winterstein Director of Photography

International Releases Dates

Austria 02 April 1962

Germany 02 February 1962

Production Companies

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Film Die Fledermaus 1962

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Die Fledermaus" (1962)~Ganzer'Film [German]"HD

Die Fledermaus full hd movie trailer.

Die Fledermaus

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