Sanjuro Trailer

Sanjuro Trailer (1962)

"Akira Kurosawa's Powerful and Newest Japanese Masterpiece" 01 January 1962 Drama, Action, Comedy 96 mins

Toshiro Mifune swaggers and snarls to brilliant comic effect in Kurosawa's tightly paced, beautifully composed "Sanjuro." In this companion piece and sequel to "Yojimbo," jaded samurai Sanjuro helps an idealistic group of young warriors weed out their clan's evil influences, and in the process turns their image of a proper samurai on its ear.

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Toshirō Mifune

as Sanjûrô Tsubaki / The ronin

Tatsuya Nakadai

as Hanbei Muroto

Yûzô Kayama

as Iori Izaka

Takashi Shimura

as Kurofuji

Kamatari Fujiwara

as Takebayashi

Yûnosuke Itô

as Mutsuta, the Chamberlain

Takako Irie

as Mutsuta's wife

Reiko Dan

as Chidori, Mutsuta's daughter

Yutaka Sada

as Murota samurai

Akira Kubo

as Samurai

Kunie Tanaka

as Samurai

Akihiko Hirata

as Samurai


Masaru Satô

Original Music Composer

Fukuzo Koizumi

Fukuzo Koizumi Director of Photography

Takao Saitô

Takao Saitô Director of Photography

International Titles

Sandžúró Trailer

Sanjuro Trailer

Sanjuro Trailer

Tsubaki Sanjûrô Trailer

International Releases Dates

United States 07 May 1963

Production Companies

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SANJURO Trailer (1962) - The Criterion Collection

In Kurosawa's sly companion piece to YOJIMBO jaded samurai Sanjuro helps an idealistic group of young warriors weed out their clans evil influences and in the process turns their image

SANJURO - Trailer - HQ - (1962)

Trailer for Akira Kurosawa's film starring Toshirô MifuneTatsuya NakadaiKeiju KobayashiYuzo KayamaReiko DanAkihiko HirataTakashi ShimuraKamatari FujiwaraTakako IrieMasao ShimizuYû

Sanjuro (1962) Teaser

Teaser Trailer For The Akira Kurosawa Masterpiece.

Sanjuro (1962) guarda il film italiano

Φοβάμαι. Να την προσέχεις - Sanjuro ft. Antonis. Trailer for Akira Kurosawa's film starring Toshirô MifuneTatsuya NakadaiKeiju KobayashiYuzo KayamaReiko Dan

Sanjuro Trailer 2015

The trailer as I think it should have been done.

Sanjuro (1962) — The Final Samurai Showdown

Movie: Sanjuro (Japan 1962) Scene: The Final Samurai Showdown Aspect Ratio: : 1 Sanjuro is a 1962 black-and-white Japanese film directed by Akira Kurosawa and starring Toshiro

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