8½ Trailer

8½ Trailer (1963)

"A picture that goes beyond what men think about - because no man ever thought about it in quite this way!" 14 February 1963 Fantasy, Drama 138 mins

With 8 ½ Frederico Fellini leaves a self-portrait where dreams and reality are a mix. With help from a most excellent cast and unique scenery this self reflecting film is one of his master works.

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Marcello Mastroianni

as Guido Anselmi

Anouk Aimée

as Luisa Anselmi

Sandra Milo

as Carla

Rossella Falk

as Rossella

Barbara Steele

as Gloria Morin

Madeleine Lebeau

as Madeleine, l'attrice francese

Caterina Boratto

as La signora misteriosa

Eddra Gale

as La Saraghina

Guido Alberti

as Pace, il produttore

Mario Conocchia

as Conocchia, il direttore di produzione

Bruno Agostini

as Bruno, il secondo segretario di produzione

Cesarino Miceli Picardi

as Cesarino, l'ispettore di produzione


Nino Rota

Original Music Composer

Gianni Di Venanzo

Gianni Di Venanzo Director of Photography

Piero Gherardi

Piero Gherardi Art Direction

Piero Gherardi

Piero Gherardi Production Design

Vito Anzalone

Vito Anzalone Set Decoration

Piero Gherardi

Piero Gherardi Costume Design

Leonor Fini

Leonor Fini Costume Design

Alberto Bartolomei

Alberto Bartolomei Sound Designer

Renata Magnanti

Renata Magnanti Hair Designer

International Titles

八又二分之一 Trailer

Achteinhalb Trailer

Fellini, ocho y medio Trailer

8 1_2 Trailer

8 és 1/2 Trailer

Nyolc és fél Trailer

Otto e Mezzo Trailer

8 1/2 Trailer

Вісім з половиною Trailer

8 1/2 Trailer

8.5 Trailer

8½ Trailer

Eight and a Half Trailer

Federico Fellini's 8 1/2 Trailer

International Releases Dates

Germany 22 May 1963

Denmark 05 November 1963

France 28 May 1963

United Kingdom 14 February 1963

Italy 15 February 1963

Norway 26 December 1963

Sweden 14 October 1963

United States 24 June 1963

Production Companies

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