Anbe Vaa Trailer

Anbe Vaa Trailer (1966)

14 January 1966 Drama, Comedy, Romance

JB (MGR) is a wealthy industrialist who decides to take a break at his Simla home away from business concerns. He lands there to find that his caretaker has rented his house to Geeta's (Saroja Devi)'s family, taken the rent and left for Kasi with his wife. His daughter Manorama and brother in law Nagesh are left in charge of the house and the guests. JB decides not to reveal his identity and pretends to be a wealthy man, Balu, willing to pay rent for a place in the house. Nagesh takes the money and gives him JB's room. He keeps playing practical jokes on Geetha hand they keep clashing. She brings her friends who are on a trip to Simla and tries to drive JB from the house. After he gets the friends on his side, she gets angry and tells her parents to get her married to Asokan, a relative and an air force pilot. By the time Balu confesses his love for her, Geetha's engagement is already fixed. He finds her and all misunderstandings are cleared. The two get married.

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Anbe Vaa Trailer

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India 14 January 1966

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Anbe Vaa Full movie part 1

Anbe Vaa is a movie that has Ramachandran and B. Saroja Devi in the lead with Nagesh Manorama and others in supporting roles.

ANBE VAA - Full Movie Comedy

Anbe Vaa - Tamil Movie Comedy's Star Cast: Saroja Devi Nagesh Manoram Asogan and Others Music: Viswanathan Direction:

Anbe Vaa - Raajavin Parvai Song

Anbe Vaa - Tamil Movie Star Cast: Saroja Devi Nagesh Manoram Asogan and Others Music: Viswanathan Direction: Watch Anbe Vaa ...

Song: PUTHIYA VAANAM PUTHIYA BHOOMI... from Film: Anbe Vaa (1966)

Film: Anbe Vaa (1966) Lyrics: Vaali Music: Singer: Director: Chander.

Anbe Vaa | Tamil Movie Audio Jukebox | MGR Saroja Devi

Tracks: 00:00 Adios Good bye - Liban Bindey (Genre: Fun) 03:15 Anbe Vaa - TM Soundararajan (Genre: Love) 06:48 Love Birds - P Susheela (Genre: Happy) ...

Anbe Vaa - Naan Paarthathilae Song

Anbe Vaa - Tamil Movie Star Cast: Saroja Devi Nagesh Manoram Asogan and Others Music: Viswanathan Direction: Watch anbe vaa ...

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