Dyden går amok Trailer

Dyden går amok Trailer (1966)

24 March 1966 Comedy, Romance

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John Hahn-Petersen

as Edward, magister

Birgitte Federspiel

as Ina, Edwards hustru

Axel Strøbye

as N.O., højesteretssagfører

Bodil Steen

as Andrea, Joachims hustru

Katja Miehe-Renard

as Bitten, Joachims datter

Caja Heimann

as Karen, N.O.'s hustru

Hanne Løye

as Anna, kropige

Morten Grunwald

as Niels, fisker

Birgit Sadolin

as Bertha, Niels' kone

Carl Ottosen

as Monni, fisker

Lise Thomsen

as Elly, Monnis kone

Arthur Jensen

as Ivar, fisker

Lily Broberg

as Mille, Ivars kone

International Releases Dates

Denmark 24 March 1966

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Dyden gar amok

Virtue runs wild Danish production 1966.

Dyden går amok(1966) hel 'film

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