The Murder Clinic Trailer

The Murder Clinic Trailer (1966)

"Bloodletter! Bone-chilling! The thing is subhuman and it has a knife!" 17 March 1966 Horror, Crime 86 mins

Patients and those working in an isolated mental hospitals are murdered, one by one, by a madman lurking in the corridors

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William Berger

as Dr. Robert Vance

Mary Young

as Lizbeth Vance

Philippe Hersent

as Marc de Brantome

Harriet Medin

as Sheena

International Titles

Die Mörderklinik Trailer

Das Monster auf Schloß Moorley Trailer

Revenge of the Living Dead Trailer

The Blade in the Body Trailer

International Releases Dates

Germany 07 June 1968

Italy 17 March 1966

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The Murder Clinic (1966) Trailer Ingles

Trailer Ingles. Un misterioso asesino da cuenta navaja en mano de las chicas internas en una clínica en la que un no menos misterioso doctor intenta restaurar ...

The Murder Clinic (La lama nel corpo) 1966 Trailer

Patients and staff of an isolated mental hospital are being killed off by a hooded maniac who stalks the

The Murder Clinic 1966

The Murder Clinic full hd movie trailer.

The Murder Clinic La Lama Nel Corpo 1966

Patients and staff of an isolated mental hospital are being killed off by a hooded maniac who stalks the halls.

The Murder Clinic (1966) ~ Ελληνικοί Υπότιτλοι ~ Greek Sub ~ Gothic Horror

La Lama nel Corpo Aka The Murder Clinic Μετάφραση ~ Ελεύθερη ~ Απόδοση *Gothic [email protected]* (08~09~2011) ~Μετάφραση~ :Alucard: Οι ασθενείς και.

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