War and Peace Trailer

War and Peace Trailer (1966)

14 March 1966 Drama, History, Romance 422 mins

Seven-hour epic based on the eponymous book by Leo Tolstoy. Two main story-lines are complex and intertwined. One is the love story of young Countess Natasha Rostova and Count Pierre Bezukhov, who is unhappy in his marriage. Another is the "Great Patriotic War" of 1812 against the invading Napoleon's Armies. The people of Russia from all classes of society stand up united against the enemy.

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Sergey Bondarchuk

as Pierre Bezukhov

Lyudmila Saveleva

as Natasha Rostova

Vyacheslav Tikhonov

as Prince Andrei Bolkonsky

Oleg Efremov

as Долохов

Vasili Lanovoy

as Анатоль Курагин

Anastasiya Vertinskaya

as Лиза Болконская

Anatoli Ktorov

as князь Николай Болконский

Irina Skobtseva

as Элен Безухова

Irina Skobtseva

as Элен Безухова (до замужества Курагина)

Antonina Shuranova

as княжна Марья Болконская

Oleg Tabakov

as Николай Ростов

Vladislav Strzhelchik

as Наполеон Бонапарт

Nikolay Trofimov

as Тушин

Irina Gubanova

as Соня, племянница Ростова

Aleksandr Borisov

as дядюшка Ростовых

Angelina Stepanova

as Анна Павловна Шерер

International Releases Dates

Russia 14 March 1966

United States 01 January 1967

Production Companies

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