Bonnie and Clyde Trailer

Bonnie and Clyde Trailer (1967)

"They’re young… they’re in love… and they kill people." 18 July 1967 Drama, Crime 111 mins

Bonnie and Clyde is based on the true stories of the gangster pair Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow who in the 1930s began robbing banks in U.S. cities until they were eventually killed. The film is a major landmark in the aesthetic movement known as the New Hollywood.

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Warren Beatty

as Clyde Barrow

Faye Dunaway

as Bonnie Parker

Gene Wilder

as Eugene Grizzard

Gene Hackman

as Buck Barrow

Denver Pyle

as Frank Hamer

Dub Taylor

as Ivan Moss

Evans Evans

as Velma Davis

Mabel Cavitt

as Bonnie's mother

Patrick Cranshaw

as Bank Teller (uncredited)

Owen Bush

as Policeman (uncredited)

Clyde Howdy

as Deputy (uncredited)

Russ Marker

as Bank Guard (uncredited)

Ken Mayer

as Sheriff Smoot (uncredited)

Ann Palmer

as Bonnie's Sister (uncredited)


Arthur Penn


Burnett Guffey, A.S.C.

Burnett Guffey, A.S.C. Director of Photography

Dean Tavoularis

Dean Tavoularis Art Direction

Raymond Paul

Raymond Paul Set Decoration

Theadora Van Runkle

Theadora Van Runkle Costume Design

Lester Flatt

Original Music Composer

Charles Strouse

Original Music Composer

Charles Henderson

Original Music Composer

Earl Scruggs

Original Music Composer

Mitch Murray

Original Music Composer

International Titles

Bonnie et Clyde Trailer

Бони и Клайд Trailer

Bonnie & Clyde - Uma Rajada de Balas Trailer

邦妮和克莱德 Trailer

抢钱夫妻 Trailer

Bonnie ja Clyde - me ryöstämme pankkeja Trailer

Μπόνι και Κλάιντ Trailer

Gangster Story Trailer

Oretachi ni asu wa nai Trailer

우리에게 내일은 없다 Trailer

Bonnie y Clyde Trailer

Boni i Klajd Trailer

International Releases Dates

Germany 19 December 1967

United Kingdom 18 July 1967

Greece 16 August 1967

United States 04 August 1967

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