Far Laver Sovsen Trailer

Far Laver Sovsen Trailer (1967)

26 December 1967 Comedy 109 mins

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Morten Grunwald

as Herbert Nielsen

Ghita Nørby

as Bitten Nielsen

Marguerite Viby

as Tante Dorit

Bodil Udsen

as Tante Karla

Karl Stegger

as Gustav Stormann

Kirsten Walther

as Martha Stormann

Poul Bundgaard

as Stig Horekær, forlægger

Sigrid Horne-Rasmussen

as Fru Jørgensen

Jørgen Kiil

as Hr. Dupont

Ole Søltoft

as Jørgensen

Kirsten Passer

as Frk. Mortensen

Julie Wieth

as Lise 'Trille' Nielsen

Christopher Soya

as Lasse Nielsen

Jytte Abildstrøm

as Gymnastiklærerinde

International Titles

Når Far Laver Sovsen Trailer

International Releases Dates

Denmark 26 December 1967

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Når Far Laver Sovsen (1967) (Trailer) [Dansk Danish DK Danmark Denmark]

Far Laver Sovsen full hd movie trailer.

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Far Laver Sovsen full hd movie trailer.

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Far laver sovsen by Det ny Tonefilmsorkester from the album Skitten-skatten-ditten-dum Released 2016-10-05 on Det ny Tonefilmsorkester Listen/download this ...

Far laver sovsen. Nu med flammer! Store flammer!


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