Las 4 bodas de Marisol Trailer

Las 4 bodas de Marisol Trailer (1967)

28 August 1967 94 mins

Marisol, a young star of Spanish cinema, and Frank, an American director, fall in love while filming a movie in Spain. The producer decides to use the situation to organize a publicity stunt, but Marisol prepares a trap to chastise him.

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as Marisol

Jean-Claude Pascal

as Frank Moore

Isabel Garcés

as Isabel - vda. de Ramos de la Vega

Daniel Martín

as Doctor Pierre Durán

Axel Darna

as Martin


Luis Lucia


International Releases Dates

Spain 28 August 1967

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Las 4 bodas de Marisol - Clip

1967 94 min Comedia España Dirigida por Luis Lucia Interpretada por Pepa Flores (AKA Marisol) Jean-Claude Pascal Isabel Garcés Daniel Martín Emilio ...

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