Spy Today, Die Tomorrow Trailer

Spy Today, Die Tomorrow Trailer (1967)

"spying is a dangerous profession" 09 August 1967 Adventure

Millionaire Baretti pays a gang to rob an atomic bomb from an American silo, and then blackmails the USA Government for a huge amount of money. German secret service (BND) agent 'Dynamite' will use his fists, guns and more in a violent bomb chase. In the end, Barelli's accomplices are dead or arrested, but he escapes unmolested, while Mr. Dynamite spends time in a Mediterranean resort with a lovely woman.

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Amedeo Nazzari

as Bardo Baretti

Lex Barker

as Bob Urban / Mr. Dynamit

Maria Perschy

as Lu Forrester

Wolfgang Preiss

as Sebastian (BND chief)

Ralf Wolter

as Spiegel

Dieter Eppler

as Captain Reichel

Eddi Arent

as Prof. Strahlmann

Eddi Arent

as Prof. Strahlemann

Joachim Fuchsberger

as Militärpolizist

Ullrich Haupt

as General Forman

International Titles

Muori lentamente... te la godi di più Trailer

International Releases Dates

Germany 09 August 1967

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This is also known as Die Slowly You'll Enjoy It More.

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