The Perils of Pauline Trailer

The Perils of Pauline Trailer (1967)

02 August 1967 107 mins

This version of the Perils of Pauline (recognizable from the others by it's song "Where are you my pretty Pauline...I love you my pretty Pauline) follows the story of Pauline from her being found on the doorstep of the orphanage to being a tutor to a crazy 12 year old prince in India who wants to make her the start of his harem, on to being frozen in a block of ice, traveling through the jungle where both a gorilla and a big game hunter fall in love with her, almost getting married, various other hijinks, and finally at the end in a boat with the love of her life. Throughout it all she is constantly in peril from one thing or another, crocodiles, hippos, car accidents, drowning, you name it. Even at the very end the crazed big game hunter is in a scuba suit sneaking up under the boat and drilling a hole in its hull.

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Pat Boone

as George Stedman

Pamela Austin

as Pauline


as Sten Martin

Edward Everett Horton

as Caspar Coleman

Hamilton Camp

as Thorpe

International Releases Dates

United States 02 August 1967

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