Battle of Britain Trailer

Battle of Britain Trailer (1969)

15 September 1969 Drama, Action, History 151 mins

In 1940, the Royal Air Force fights a desperate battle against the might of the Luftwaffe for control of the skies over Britain, thus preventing the Nazi invasion of Britain.

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Harry Andrews

as Senior civil servant

Michael Caine

as Squadron Leader Canfield

Trevor Howard

as Air Vice Marshal Keith Park

Curd Jürgens

as Baron von Richter

Ian McShane

as Sgt. Pilot Andy

Laurence Olivier

as Air Chief Marshal Sir Hugh Dowding

Christopher Plummer

as Squadron Leader Colin Harvey

Kenneth More

as Group Capt. Baker

Nigel Patrick

as Group Capt. Hope

Michael Redgrave

as Air Vice Marshal Evill

Ralph Richardson

as Sir David Kelly - British Minister to Switzerland

Robert Shaw

as Squadron Leader Skipper

Patrick Wymark

as Air Vice Marshal Trafford Leigh-Mallory

Susannah York

as Section Officer Maggie Harvey

Michael Bates

as Warrant Officer Warwick

Robert Flemyng

as Wing Cmdr. Willoughby


Maurice Carter

Maurice Carter Supervising Art Director

Bert Davey

Bert Davey Art Direction

William Hutchinson

William Hutchinson Art Direction

Jack Maxsted

Jack Maxsted Art Direction

Gil Parrondo

Gil Parrondo Art Direction

John Wilson-Apperson

John Wilson-Apperson Costume Supervisor

Eric Allwright

Eric Allwright Makeup Artist

George Frost

George Frost Makeup Artist

International Titles

A Batalha Britânica Trailer

A Batalha da Grã-Bretanha Trailer

Bitva o Anglii Trailer

Die Luftschlacht um England Trailer

La batalla de Inglaterra Trailer

La bataille d'Angleterre Trailer

Az angliai csata Trailer

Bitwa o Anglie Trailer

International Releases Dates

Australia 15 December 1969

Brazil 17 November 1969

Czech Republic 01 May 2004

Germany 17 September 1969

United Kingdom 15 September 1969

Greece 16 December 1969

Sweden 03 November 2004

United States 15 September 1969

Production Companies

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