Cream - Farewell Concert Trailer

Cream - Farewell Concert Trailer (1969)

"Live recording of the Cream's final concert, at the Royal Albert Hall on 26 November 1968." 05 January 1969 Factual, Music 80 mins

On November 26, 1968, London's illustrious Royal Albert Hall was jammed to its gilded rafters with rock fans ready for the final concert of what many still consider the greatest band that ever played. That band, Cream, featured the legendary Eric Clapton (aka "Slowhand") on lead guitar, the great drummer Ginger Baker (also of the classic rock band Blind Faith), and lead singer-bassist Jack Bruce in a trio that made some of the most amazing rock songs of the Sixties.

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Eric Clapton

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United Kingdom 05 January 1969

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Cream - Farewell Concert full hd movie trailer.

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