Diary of a Serial Killer Trailer

Diary of a Serial Killer Trailer (1969)

18 June 1969 Crime 100 mins

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Siegfried Lowitz

as John Marojan

Helmut Qualtinger

as Rudi Böhm

Günter Pfitzmann

as Werner Lehmann

Ingrid van Bergen

as Ileana Marojan

Manfred Heidmann

as Dr. Erik Gilbert

Udo Vioff

as Günter Schmidt

Christiane Schröder

as Dr. Jolanda Schmidt

Paul Klinger

as Kriminalrat Rose

Henning Schlüter

as Beamter vom Verfassungsschutz


International Releases Dates

Germany 18 June 1969

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Diary of a Serial Killer - Trailer

Diary of a Serial Killer is the group's first short-film where we got to experiment with mostly analog FX throughout the video. This intense thriller sends you through the day of a serial


Ned has problems. His house may be haunted and he may just be possessed. This paranormal activity leads to a bloodbath and a trail of dead bodies. Pray for the young women because Ned is coming.


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diary of a serial killer

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