Don't Grieve! Trailer

Don't Grieve! Trailer (1969)

06 June 1969 Drama, Comedy, Romance 90 mins

Benjamin, the local doctor is a soul of a local society, the educated, friendly, democratic person who often treats the poor for free. It makes him very popular with the locals but most certainly does not help with his bank account. He is in love with a beautiful Manette who is also crazy about him but is being watched closely by her father who called his daughter "his small capital" and is determined to protect her virginity until the moment the marriage contract has been signed...

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Vakhtang Kikabidze

as Benjamin Glonti

Vakhtang Kikabidze

as доктор Бенжамин Глонти

Sergo Zakariadze

as Levan Tsintsadze

Sergo Zakariadze

as доктор Леван

Anastasiya Vertinskaya

as дочь Левана

Anastasiya Vertinskaya

as Mary Tsintsadze

Evgeni Leonov

as Egor Zaletaev, soldier

Evgeni Leonov

as русский солдат

Frunzik Mkrtchyan

as незнакомец в тюрьме

Frunzik Mkrtchyan

as Turkish smuggler

Sofiko Chiaureli

as Софико

Sergei Filippov

as Парикмахер

Sergei Filippov

as Eros, barber

Iya Ninidze

as Tsitsino, Sofiko's daughter

Iya Ninidze

as Дочка Софико

International Titles

Ar daidardo Trailer

არ იდარდო! Trailer

Ne Goryuy! Trailer

International Releases Dates

Russia 06 June 1969

United States 11 November 1969

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