Easy Rider Trailer

Easy Rider Trailer (1969)

"A man went looking for America and couldn’t find it anywhere..." 07 May 1969 Adventure, Drama, Action 95 mins

A cross-country trip to sell drugs puts two hippie bikers on a collision course with small-town prejudices.

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Peter Fonda

as Wyatt

Phil Spector

as Connection

Jack Nicholson

as George Hanson

Luke Askew

as Stranger on Highway

Karen Black

as Karen

Toni Basil

as Mary

Mac Mashourian

as Bodyguard

Tita Colorado

as Rancher's Wife

Sandy Brown Wyeth

as Joanne (as Sandy Wyeth)

Robert Walker, Jr.

as Jack (as Robert Walker)

Robert Ball

as Mime #1


Peter Fonda

Peter Fonda Producer

Bert Schneider

Bert Schneider Executive Producer

László Kovács

László Kovács Director of Photography

Jeremy Kay

Jeremy Kay Art Direction

Virgil Frye

Virgil Frye Makeup Artist

Paul Lewis

Paul Lewis Production Manager

Robert Vincent O'Neill

Robert Vincent O'Neill Creature Design

James Contrares

James Contrares Creature Design

Le Roy Robbins

Le Roy Robbins Sound mixer

Steve Karkus

Steve Karkus Special Effects

International Titles

Busco mi camino Trailer

Волният ездач Trailer

Busco mi destino Trailer

Muretu rännumees Trailer

Easy Rider - Buscando Mi Destino Trailer

Easy rider. Buscando mi destino Trailer

Easy rider - matkalla Trailer

Adam B'Eekvot Goralo Trailer

Îjî Raidâ Trailer

Busco mi camino Trailer

Busco mi destino Trailer

Swobodny jezdziec Trailer

Goli u sedlu Trailer

逍遙騎士 Trailer

Easy Rider - Buscando Mi Destino Trailer

The Loners Trailer

International Releases Dates

Australia 20 September 1969

Germany 18 December 1969

France 07 May 1969

Greece 20 September 1969

United States 14 July 1969

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