In a Country of Undone Homework Trailer

In a Country of Undone Homework Trailer (1969)

04 June 1969 Fantasy, Animated, Family 19 mins

A schoolboy meets all the undone by him homework's heroes in their country.

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Klara Rumyanova

as Сomma / Geography book(voice)

Aleksei Gribov

as (voice)

Aleksei Gribov

as His Majesty The Verb Imperative (voice)

Anatoli Papanov

as Diggers / Polar bear (voice)

Mariya Vinogradova

as Victor Perestukin (voice)

Grigoriy Shpigel

as Question mark / Exclamation mark (voice)

Aleksandr Baranov

as Russian language book / Math book (voice)

Nikolay Litvinov

as radio (voice)

Leonid Kharitonov

as Kuzya the cat (voice)

International Titles

V Strane Nevyuchennykh Urokov Trailer

International Releases Dates

Russia 04 June 1969

United States 06 June 1969

Production Companies

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