The Boys of Paul Street Trailer

The Boys of Paul Street Trailer (1969)

"The most extraordinary battle ever fought by the bravest army that ever had to be home for dinner." 06 June 1969 Drama 110 mins

In Budapest, two rival gangs of young boys lay claim to a vacant lot. The hostilities escalate yet never quite boil over into actual violence. Just when things do get out of hand, however, the problem is "solved" by the city government, which takes over the lot for future development.

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Mari Törőcsik

as Nemecsek anyja

Sándor Pécsi

as Rácz tanár úr

Anthony Kemp

as Nemecsek Ernő

International Titles

Drengekrigen Trailer

Koulupoikia Trailer

Les garçons de la rue Paul Trailer

Ta paidia tis Paul Street Trailer

I ragazzi della via Paal Trailer

Dette er vår gate Trailer

Chlopcy z Placu Broni Trailer

Os Rapazes da Rua Paulo Trailer

The Boys from Paul Street Trailer

The Boys of Paul Street Trailer

International Releases Dates

France 22 October 2014

Hungary 06 June 1969

United States 23 June 1969

Production Companies

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The Boys of Paul Street Film

The Boys of Paul Street full hd movie trailer.

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