This Man Must Die Trailer

This Man Must Die Trailer (1969)

"The House of Hatred and Revenge" 04 September 1969 Drama, Thriller 113 mins

When his young son is killed in a hit and run accident, Charles Thenier resolves to hunt down and murder the killer. By chance, Thenier makes the acquaintance of an actress, Helène Lanson, who was in the car at the time of the accident. He then meets Helène’s brother-in-law, Paul Decourt, a truly horrible individual.

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Michel Duchaussoy

as Charles Thenier

Caroline Cellier

as Helene Lanson

Jean Yanne

as Paul Decourt

Marc Di Napoli

as Philippe Decourt

Anouk Ferjac

as Jeanne Decourt

Louise Chevalier

as Madame Levenes

Guy Marly

as Jacques Ferrand

Lorraine Rainer

as Anna Ferrand

Stéphane Di Napoli

as Michel Thenier

Dominique Zardi

as Le premier inspecteur


as La mère de Paul

Michel Charrel

as Le ferrailleur

Bernard Papineau

as Le policier

Jacques Masson

as Le fils du paysan

Maurice Pialat

as Inspecteur Constant

Jean-Louis Maury

as Le paysan


Pierre Jansen

Original Music Composer

Jean Rabier

Jean Rabier Director of Photography

Guy Littaye

Guy Littaye Production Design

Louis Bonnemaison

Louis Bonnemaison Makeup Artist

Alain Belmondo

Alain Belmondo Unit Manager

Georges Casati

Georges Casati Production Manager

Patrick Delauneux

Patrick Delauneux Unit Manager

Michel Dupuy

Michel Dupuy Assistant Director

Jacques Fansten

Jacques Fansten Assistant Director

Guy Chichignoud

Guy Chichignoud Sound Engineer

International Titles

Que la bestia muera Trailer

A Besta Deve Morrer Trailer

Das Biest muß sterben Trailer

Dyret skal dø Trailer

Accidente sin huella Trailer

Tämän miehen on kuoltava Trailer

Na pethani to ktinos Trailer

Az állatnak meg kell halnia Trailer

Ucciderò un uomo Trailer

Udyret skal dø Trailer

Niech bestia zdycha Trailer

Пусть зверь умрет Trailer

The Beast Must Die Trailer

This Man Must Die Trailer

International Releases Dates

Spain 04 June 1972

France 04 September 1969

United States 05 September 1969

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