The Aristocats Trailer

The Aristocats Trailer (1970)

"A tune-filled animated extravaganza." 23 December 1970 Adventure, Animated, Comedy 78 mins

When Madame Adelaide Bonfamille leaves her fortune to Duchess and her children -- Bonfamille's prize family of domesticated house cats -- the butler plots to steal the money and kidnaps the heirs, leaving them out on a country road. All seems lost until the wily Thomas O'Malley Cat and his jazz-playing alley cats come to the Aristocats's rescue.

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Phil Harris

as O'Malley

Sterling Holloway

as Roquefort

Scatman Crothers

as Scat Cat

Eva Gabor

as Duchess

Paul Winchell

as Chinese Cat

Lord Tim Hudson

as English Cat

Vito Scotti

as Italian Cat

Thurl Ravenscroft

as Russian Cat

Dean Clark

as Berlioz

Liz English

as Marie

Gary Dubin

as Toulouse

Nancy Kulp

as Frou-Frou

Pat Buttram

as Napoleon

George Lindsey

as Lafayette

Monica Evans

as Abigail


George Bruns

Original Music Composer

Ken Anderson

Ken Anderson Director of Photography

Eric Larson

Eric Larson Animation

Milt Kahl

Milt Kahl Animation

International Titles

Аристокотки Trailer

Aristogatas Trailer

Los Aristogatos Trailer

Aristokatit Trailer

Les Aristochats Trailer

Mačke iz visokog društva Trailer

Macskarisztokraták Trailer

گربه های اشرافی Trailer

아리스토캣 Trailer

Los Aristogatos Trailer

De Aristokatten Trailer

Kocia Arystokracja Trailer

Mačke iz visokog društva Trailer

Коты аристократы Trailer

Aristocats Trailer

Mačky aristokratky Trailer

The Aristo Cats Trailer

The Aristocats Trailer

Walt Disneys The Aristocats Trailer

International Releases Dates

Australia 05 August 1971

Brazil 23 December 1970

Canada 06 November 2008

Germany 13 May 1994

Denmark 26 December 1971

France 08 December 1971

United Kingdom 22 November 1971

Greece 26 December 1971

Italy 13 November 1971

Portugal 17 December 1971

Sweden 12 November 2014

United States 24 December 1970

Production Companies

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