Gamera vs. Zigra Trailer

Gamera vs. Zigra Trailer (1971)

17 July 1971 Adventure, Action, Sci-Fi 87 mins

A moon base is destroyed by a spaceship with a cluster of gumballs on its head. Later, at Sea World, dolphins are dying mysteriously. Zigra kidnaps two men and two children (one of whom is a Coke addict - Coca-Cola that is) and starts causing earthquakes. The two six year olds somehow outwit Zigra and help their incapacitated fathers escape. The Zigra Woman, who can use her eyes to put people into comas, then chases them all over Sea World like an extended Benny Hill skit. Somewhere in this movie Gamera finally shows up, fights Zigra, who turns into a giant swordfish.

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Kôji Fujiyama

as Dr. Tom Wallace

Reiko Kasahara

as Kiyoko Ishikawa

Isamu Saeki

as Dr. Yosuke Ishikawa

Yasushi Sakagami

as Kenichi Ishikawa

Akira Natsuki

as Doctor

Mikiko Tsubouchi

as Mrs. Ishikawa

Eiko Yanami

as Woman X / Chikako Sugawara

Arlene Zoellner

as Margie Wallace

Gloria Zoellner

as Helen Wallace

Keiichi Noda

as Jigura (voice)


Shunsuke Kikuchi

Original Music Composer

Akira Uehara

Akira Uehara Director of Photography

Akira Inoue

Akira Inoue Production Design

Tomohisa Yano

Tomohisa Yano Art Direction

Sandy Frank

Sandy Frank Producer

International Titles

Gamera gegen Zigra - Frankensteins Weltraumbestie schlägt zu Trailer

ガメラ対深海怪獣ジグラ Trailer

International Releases Dates

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