They Might Be Giants Trailer

They Might Be Giants Trailer (1971)

09 June 1971 Comedy, Thriller, Mystery 98 mins

They Might be Giants chronicles the adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson in modern-day New York City. The fact that Sherlock Holmes is a psychotic paranoid and Dr. Watson is a female psychiatrist fascinated by his case is almost beside the point.

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George C. Scott

as Justin Playfair

Joanne Woodward

as Dr. Mildred Watson

Jack Gilford

as Wilbur Peabody

Lester Rawlins

as Blevins Playfair

Al Lewis

as Messenger

Rue McClanahan

as Daisy Playfair

James Tolkan

as Mr. Brown

Kitty Winn

as Grace

F. Murray Abraham

as Clyde (the usher)

Paul Benedict

as Chestnut Man

M. Emmet Walsh

as 1st Sanitation Man

Ron Weyand

as Dr. Strauss

Oliver Clark

as Mr. Small

Jenny Egan

as Miss Finch

Jane Hoffman

as 2nd Telephone Operator


Paul Newman

Paul Newman Producer

Victor J. Kemper

Victor J. Kemper Cinematography

John Robert Lloyd

John Robert Lloyd Production Design

Herbert F. Mulligan

Herbert F. Mulligan Set Decoration

Fern Buchner

Fern Buchner Costume Design

Ann Roth

Ann Roth Costume Design

Vincent Callaghan

Vincent Callaghan Makeup Artist

Romaine Greene

Romaine Greene Hairstylist

Victor J. Kemper

Victor J. Kemper Director of Photography

International Titles

Der verkehrte Sherlock Holmes Trailer

International Releases Dates

France 09 August 1972

United States 09 June 1971

Production Companies

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