Family Killer Trailer

Family Killer Trailer (1973)

23 February 1973 Crime 95 mins

Stefano, son of the Mafia Don Angelino Ferrante, is killed by Gaspare Ardizzone (John Saxon) for refusing to sell some valuable land. The old don sends for Ferrante Santino Billeci from America, in the hope that he'll be able to help in getting revenge. But Gaspar, meanwhile, is becoming the most powerful and ruthless boss of the area...

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Arthur Kennedy

as Don Angelino Ferrante

John Saxon

as Gaspare Ardizzone

Agostina Belli

as Mariuccia Ferrante

Pino Colizzi

as Massimo D'Amico

Spiros Focás

as Luca Ferrante

Marino Masé

as Luciano Ferrante

Giuseppe Addobbati

as Nicola D'Amico

Paolo Turco

as Mario Ferrante

Corrado Gaipa

as Don Emilio Grisanti

Daniele Vargas

as Don Santino Bileggi

Anna Orso

as Signora Ardizzone

Giovanni Pallavicino

as Piero Nicolosi


International Releases Dates

Italy 23 February 1973

Production Companies

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