Live and Let Die Trailer

Live and Let Die Trailer (1973)

"Roger Moore is James Bond." 05 July 1973 Adventure, Action, Thriller 121 mins

James Bond must investigate a mysterious murder case of a British agent in New Orleans. Soon he finds himself up against a gangster boss named Mr. Big.

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Roger Moore

as James Bond

Yaphet Kotto

as Kananga/Mr. Big

Jane Seymour

as Solitaire

Clifton James

as Sheriff J.W. Pepper

Julius Harris

as Tee Hee

Geoffrey Holder

as Baron Samedi

David Hedison

as Felix Leiter

Gloria Hendry

as Rosie Carver

Lois Maxwell

as Miss Moneypenny

Tommy Lane

as Adam

Lon Satton

as Strutter

Madeline Smith

as Miss Caruso

Roy Stewart

as Quarrel


George Martin

Original Music Composer

Monty Norman

Original Music Composer

Ted Moore

Ted Moore Director of Photography

Stephen Hendrickson

Stephen Hendrickson Art Direction

Robert W. Laing

Robert W. Laing Art Direction

International Titles

007 - Viva e Deixe Morrer Trailer

007 08 - Com 007 Viva e Deixe Morrer Trailer

007 Live and Let Die Trailer

你死我活 Trailer

James Bond 007 - 08 - Leben und sterben lassen Trailer

James Bond 08 - Leben und sterben lassen Trailer

James Bond - Lev og lad dø Trailer

007 - 08 - Vive y deja morir Trailer

Vive y deja morir Trailer

Elä ja anna toisten kuolla Trailer

Leva och låta dö Trailer

James Bond 007 Vivre et laisser mourir Trailer

James Bond 08 - Vivre et laisser mourir Trailer

8 Live and Let Die Trailer

James Bond 007 - 08 - Live and Let Die Trailer

Τζέιμς Μποντ, Πράκτωρ 007: Ζήσε Και Άσε Τους Άλλους Να Πεθάνουν Trailer

007 - Vivi e lascia morire Trailer

007 シリーズ08 死ぬのは奴らだ Trailer

007: Vive y deja morir Trailer

Живи и дай умереть Trailer

Leva och låta dö Trailer

007: Live and Let Die Trailer

Bond 8 Trailer

James Bond - Live and Let Die Trailer

James Bond 007 - 8 - Live and Let Die Trailer

James Bond 08 - Live and let die Trailer

International Releases Dates

Australia 01 August 1973

Brazil 05 October 1973

Germany 18 December 1973

Denmark 19 December 1973

Finland 21 December 1973

France 21 December 1973

United Kingdom 05 July 1973

Greece 22 December 1973

Netherlands 13 December 1973

Poland 05 July 1973

Portugal 27 July 1973

Sweden 22 December 1973

United States 05 July 1973

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007 Live and Let Die (1973) Trailer

James Bond #8 Roger Moore.

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Live And Let Die (Bond 50 Trailer)

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