The Sting Trailer

The Sting Trailer (1973)

"...all it takes is a little confidence." 25 December 1973 Drama, Comedy, Crime 129 mins

Set in the 1930's this intricate caper deals with an ambitious small-time crook and a veteran con man who seek revenge on a vicious crime lord who murdered one of their gang.

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Paul Newman

as Henry Gondorff

Robert Redford

as Johnny Hooker

Robert Shaw

as Doyle Lonnegan

Charles Durning

as Lt. Wm. Snyder

Ray Walston

as J.J. Singleton

Harold Gould

as Kid Twist

John Heffernan

as Eddie Niles

Dana Elcar

as F.B.I. Agent Polk

Jack Kehoe

as Erie Kid

Robert Earl Jones

as Luther Coleman (as Robertearl Jones)

Robert Earl Jones

as Luther Coleman

James Sloyan

as Mottola

James Sloyan

as Mottola (as James J. Sloyan)

Charles Dierkop

as Floyd - Bodyguard

Lee Paul

as Bodyguard


Tony Bill

Tony Bill Producer

Robert Surtees

Robert Surtees Director of Photography

Marvin Hamlisch

Original Music Composer

Billy Byers

Original Music Composer

Edith Head

Edith Head Costume Design

Ray Gosnell Jr.

Ray Gosnell Jr. Assistant Director

Charlsie Bryant

Charlsie Bryant Script Supervisor

Ernest B. Wehmeyer

Ernest B. Wehmeyer Production Manager

David Brown

David Brown Executive Producer

Richard D. Zanuck

Richard D. Zanuck Executive Producer

International Titles

Der Clou Trailer

De strik Trailer

Ужилването Trailer

Golpe de Mestre Trailer

L'arnaque Trailer

骗中骗 Trailer

Der Clou - The Sting Trailer

El golpe Trailer

Афера Trailer

Blåsningen Trailer

刺激 Trailer

International Releases Dates

Argentina 10 January 1974

Germany 18 April 1974

France 19 April 1974

United Kingdom 26 December 1973

Italy 20 June 1974

United States 25 December 1973

Production Companies

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The Sting (1973) Trailer

The Sting (1973) Trailer Director: George Roy Hill Paul Newman Robert Redford Robert Shaw Charles Durning Ray Walston.

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The Sting Trailer

The Sting Click Here For More Movies Informations and Reviews Paul Newman (Actor) Robert Redford (Actor) George Roy Hill (Director) Johnny Hooker

The Sting (1973) Official Trailer

After a Friend Is Killed By The Mob Henry And Johnny Try To Get Even By Attempting To Pull Off The Ultimate 'Sting'. No One Is To Be Trusted As The Twists Unfold Leading Up To One of

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