Eiger Trailer

Eiger Trailer (1974)

30 March 1974 Adventure

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International Releases Dates

Germany 30 March 1974

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The Eiger Sanction 1975 Trailer

The Eiger Sanction 1975 Trailer.

'The Eiger Sanction' TV Trailer (Clint Eastwood 1975)

"The man Clint Eastwood. The mountain the " TV trailer for the motion picture "The Eiger Sanction" starring Clint Eastwood and George Kennedy. Spot aired in May 1975. *Visit

Drama in der Eiger Nordwand Doku

Eiger full hd movie trailer.

1982 Eiger

Eiger A-kamp og a-trening

Bergsteigerlegende Peter Habeler wird 70

Der „Bergprofessor" wird 70 Peter Habeler ist ein Freund der Berge und der wohl bekannteste Extrembergsteiger des Landes. Am 22. Juli feiert er seinen 70er. Durch die Erstbesteigung des


GRINDELWALD - Am Mai 2011 begingen Stefan Indra und Christoph Klein die Eiger-Nordwand. Schön war´s! Wenn Sie Interesse an Zusammenarbeit in Sachen Film haben besuchen Sie

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Phantom of the Paradise Trailer (1974)

31 October 1974

Rock Opera version of Phantom Of The Opera with elements of Faust. Record producer Swan steals both the music and the girl (Phoenix) from composer Leach.

Herbie Rides Again Trailer (1974)

14 February 1974

The living Volkswagen Beetle helps a old lady protect her home from a corrupt developer.

Emmanuelle Trailer (1974)

25 June 1974

Emmanuelle, a svelte, naive young woman, is en route to Bangkok where she'll join her new husband. He works for the French Embassy and has a lovely home, several dedicated servants, and an expensive car at his disposal.

The Return of the Tall Blond Man with One Black Shoe Trailer (1974)

12 November 1974

With 'little captain' Cambrai raising serious doubts about the reality of the so-called "super spy", Colonel Toulouse kidnaps Christine and forces Francois to play again the character of "The Tall Blond Man with One Black Shoe" in some fake adventures.

Successive Slidings of Pleasure Trailer (1974)

07 March 1974

A young woman is questioned by the police and the judges, suspected of being a modern witch. The girl who shared her apartment has been found dead, and a pair of scisors impaled through her heart, as she lay attached to the bedposts.

Alpine Passion Trailer (1974)

21 March 1974

Village elders attempting to upgrade their village status to 'Marktgemeinde' - which for some unexplained reason would resolve their financial difficulties.

Dirty Mary Crazy Larry Trailer (1974)

17 May 1974

Two lovers, Mary and Larry, in their Dodge Charger are chased by the police after robbing a grocery store.

Salako Trailer (1974)

12 December 1974

In this romantic comedy Kemal Sunal plays the title role of Salakoglan("the fool" in English). He is the village idiot in which the boss (or Aga) of the village has a very beautiful daughter, Emine.

The Towering Inferno Trailer (1974)

14 December 1974

At the opening party of a colossal - but poorly constructed - office building, a massive fire breaks out that threatens to destroy the tower and everyone in it.

The Yakuza Trailer (1974)

21 December 1974

Harry Kilmer returns to Japan after several years in order to rescue his friend George's kidnapped daughter - and ends up on the wrong side of the Yakuza, the notorious Japanese mafia.

The Odessa File Trailer (1974)

17 October 1974

After reading the diary of an elderly Jewish man who committed suicide, freelance journalist Peter Miller begins to investigate the alleged sighting of a former SS-Captain who commanded a concentration camp during World War II.

In the Sign of the Taurus Trailer (1974)

18 July 1974

The town's wealthy benefactor dies, and leaves a bizarre bequest: unless one of the self-righteous citizens can produce an illegitimate child in 9 1/2 months, all his money goes to homeless cats, and they must start paying taxes.


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