Hawas Trailer

Hawas Trailer (1974)

01 January 1974 Drama, Romance, Family 139 mins

Handsome and fairly good-looking Anil Kumar is employed with Natwarlal, who is a criminal gangster. Natwarlal asks Anil to find employment with Shailendra Singh, and after doing so, seduce his beautiful young daughter, Neetu Singh, marry her, and thus get himself a stake in their property and wealth. Anil agrees to do so, and does find employment with Shailendra. What he had not counted on was Shailendra's second wife, Kamini, who has an agenda of her own, and who decides to keep Anil for herself.

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Anil Dhawan

as Anil Kumar

Neetu Singh

as Neetu Singh


as Kamini Singh


as Guest apperance in song "Aao Yaaro Gao.."

Vinod Mehra

as Dr. Bali

Vidya Sinha

as Vidya Kumar

International Releases Dates

India 01 January 1974

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