La sbandata Trailer

La sbandata Trailer (1975)

08 December 1975 Comedy 84 mins

Domenico Modguno is a horn dog who loves looking up skirts and travels back to Italy to stay with his brother and wife. His brothers stepdaughter is hot and he spends most of the movie forcing himself on her, and for a change of pace her mother.

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Domenico Modugno

as Salvatore Cannavone

Eleonora Giorgi

as Mariuccia, figlia di Raffaele

Luciana Paluzzi

as Rosa, moglie di Raffaele

Pippo Franco

as Raffaele Cannavone

Antonino Musco

as avvocato

Franco Agostini

as Giovanni Liga

Gino Pernice

as Carluzzo

Renzo Rinaldi

as giocatore a carte

International Releases Dates

Italy 08 December 1975

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Pippo Franco Domenico Modugno Eleonora Giorgi Cinema La Sbandata S Samperi 1974

La sbandata full hd movie trailer.

Domenico Modugno dal film La sbandata

La sbandata full hd movie trailer.

Domenico Modugno dal film" La Sbandata"

La sbandata (1974) Italia1974 Erotico Regia di Alfredo Malfatti Con Domenico Modugno Eleonora Giorgi Pippo Franco Luciana Paluzzi Nell'ambito della commedia erotica uno

La sbandata

La sbandata full hd movie trailer.

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