Mr. Sycamore Trailer

Mr. Sycamore Trailer (1975)

"A man's desire to escape...and finds refuge through metamorphosis" 12 December 1975 87 mins

Jason Robards is a man who decides he'd rather be a tree.

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Jason Robards

as John Gwilt

Sandy Dennis

as Jane Gwilt

Jean Simmons

as Estelle Benbow

Robert Easton

as Fred Staines

Brenda Smith

as Daisy Staines

Ian Wolfe

as Abner / Arnie

Mark Miller

as Rev. Fletcher

Richard Bull

as Dr. Fernfield


International Releases Dates

United States 12 December 1975

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Mr. Sycamore | 1975 | Full Movie

Nagged by his wife (Sandy Dennis) a middle-aged mailman (Jason Robards) dreams of a librarian (Jean Simmons) and tries to turn into a tree. Initial release: 1975.

Mr. Sycamore | 1975 | Movie

Mr. Sycamore full hd movie trailer.

MR. SYCAMORE (1975) Dream / fantasy sequence * Jason Robards & Jean Simmons

Buy MR. SYCAMORE on DVD here: In MR. SYCAMORE (1975) Jason Robards wants to turn into a tree. At the park with his friend Jean

Mr Sycamore Music Video (1975) Jason Robards Sandy Dennis

A music video on the film. It's about a man who wants to become a tree and in the end becomes a tree.

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