Annie Trailer

Annie Trailer (1976)

19 February 1976 Drama 86 mins

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Annie Belle

as Annie Belle

Ciro Ippolito

as Angelo

Maria Rohm

as Marie

Maria Rohm

as Susan

Charles Fawcett

as Michael (as Charles Fawcet)

Al Cliver

as Philip

Linda Ho

as Genevieve

Yao Lin Chen

as Chen (as Chan Yiu Lan)

Rik Battaglia

as Superintendent

Massimo Dallamano

as Man on mountain (uncredited)

Massimo Dallamano

as Man on Mountain

International Titles

Annie Trailer

Emanuelle's Daughter Blue Belle Trailer

Joy of Love Trailer

Teenage Emanuelle Trailer

The End of Innocence Trailer

International Releases Dates

Spain 01 June 1978

Italy 19 February 1976

United States 18 May 1976

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