Boxer Rebellion Trailer

Boxer Rebellion Trailer (1976)

29 January 1976 Adventure, Action 137 mins

In BOXER REBELLION, three young martial arts brothers, played by Chi Kuan-chun, Alexander Fu Sheng and Leung Kar-yan, go in search of fellow patriots dissatisfied with Imperialist foreigners and wind up joining a rising sect of the Boxers, led by an opportunistic conman (Johnny Wang Lung-wei). Named as such for their use of martial arts, these boxers are revolutionaries who believe that spirits protect their bodies from foreign guns. They even dupe the Empress Dowager (Li Lihua), who gives them her royal blessing to fight the foreigners.

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Alexander Fu Sheng

as Tsang Hin Hon

Chi Kuan-Chun

as Shuai Fang Yun

Leung Kar-Yan

as Chen Chang

Jenny Tseng

as Xiao Jiu

Woo Gam

as Master Cai

Johnny Wang Lung-Wei

as Li Jung Ching

Bruce Tong Yim-Chaan

as Chang Chun Jiang

Li Li-Hua

as Empress Dowager

Suen Yuet

as Xiao Li

Tsui Fu-Sheng

as Lord Kong Ngai

Liu Wei-Bin

as Prince Duen Joi Yi

Richard Harrison

as General Waldersee

Henry Bolanas

as Foreigner


Chang Cheh


International Titles

Aufstand der Shaolin Trailer

Aufstand in Peking Trailer

International Releases Dates

Hong Kong 29 January 1976

Production Companies

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Movie : Boxer Rebellion.

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