Grudge Trailer

Grudge Trailer (1976)

09 May 1976 Horror 93 mins

A mummy is found at a construction site, which is presumed to be made in Jo-Seon Dynasty period. It is transferred to Seoul and to be kept in Lee Dong-Hyeok's, an archeologist due to the state of the museum in the university. On that night, his wife's behavior is so strange. Knowing that his wife is not cured by the modern medical science, Dong-Hyeok gets help from Professor Yu, a psychicist. Yoo finds out the mummy is In Yeon-Ryong, who was killed on a false charge by Seon-Jo 3oo years ago. Dong-Hyeok makes every effort to return his wife to the normal condition.

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Korea 09 May 1976

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