Jackson County Jail Trailer

Jackson County Jail Trailer (1976)

"The cops are there to protect her… but who will protect her from the cops?" 31 March 1976 Drama, Crime 84 mins

This is a powerful drama about a young woman who stumbles into a nightmare land of hijacking and humiliation while driving cross-country from California to New York.

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Yvette Mimieux

as Dinah Hunter

Tommy Lee Jones

as Coley Blake

Robert Carradine

as Bobby Ray

Severn Darden

as Sheriff Dempsey

Cliff Emmich

as Mr. Bigelow

Michael Ashe

as Mr. Cooper

Betty Thomas

as Waitress

Marcie Barkin

as Girl in Restaurant

Britt Leach

as Dan Oldum

John Lawlor

as Deputy Burt

Hal Needham

as Chief of Fallsburg Police

Patrice Rohmer

as Cassie Anne


Jeff Begun

Jeff Begun Producer

Roger Corman

Roger Corman Executive Producer

Paul Gonsky

Paul Gonsky Associate Producer

L. Loren Newkirk

Original Music Composer

Bruce Logan

Bruce Logan Director of Photography

Mike McCloskey

Mike McCloskey Art Direction

Cornelia McNamara

Cornelia McNamara Costume Design

Leigh Mitchell

Leigh Mitchell Makeup Artist

International Titles

Gefangen in Jackson County Trailer

Vergewaltigt hinter Gittern Trailer

Terror bag lukkede døre Trailer

La celda de la violación Trailer

Vainottu Trailer

Väkivaltainen maa Trailer

La prison du viol Trailer

Thyma viasmou Trailer

Eccesso di difesa Trailer

I skydd av lagen Trailer

The Innocent Victim Trailer

International Releases Dates

Germany 05 May 1977

Denmark 23 July 1978

Finland 13 July 1978

France 04 May 1977

Sweden 04 December 1978

United States 31 March 1976

Production Companies

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Jackson County Jail 1976 Trailer

We screen movies like this every week in NYC!

Jackson County Jail 1976

This is a powerful drama about a young woman (Yvette Mimieux) who stumbles into a nightmare land of hijacking and humiliation while driving cross-country . We screen movies like this

Jackson County Jail 1976

Jackson County Jail full hd movie trailer.

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Jackson County Jail (1976) TV Promo - Color / 0:27 mins

Jackson County Jail is an American exploitation action thriller film from 1976 directed by Michael Miller starring Tommy Lee Jones Yvette Mimieux and Lisa Copeland. Los Angeles

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