Not Now, Comrade Trailer

Not Now, Comrade Trailer (1976)

01 January 1976 Comedy 89 mins

Not Now, Comrade tells the story of Rudi, a Russian ballet star who defects to the West, and the chaos that befalls those who try to help him... not least London stripper Barbara, with whom he decides to take refuge!

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Leslie Phillips

as Commander Rimmington

Windsor Davies

as Constable Pulford

Michele Dotrice

as Nancy Rimmington

Don Estelle

as Bobby Hargreaves

Carol Hawkins

as Barbara Wilcox

Roy Kinnear

as Hoskins

Ian Lavender

as Gerry Buss

June Whitfield

as Janet Rimmington


Ray Cooney


International Releases Dates

United Kingdom 01 January 1976

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