The Magic Blade Trailer

The Magic Blade Trailer (1976)

07 October 1976 Action, Foreign 86 mins

Two rival swordsmen in imperial China, poncho-clad Fu Hung-Hsueh and Yen nan-Fei (Lo Leigh, 5 Fingers Of Death) vie with a power-hungry villain for the deadly Peacock Dart and fend off waves of expert killers during their journey.

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Ti Lung

as Fu Hung Hsieh

Lo Lieh

as Yen Nan-fei

Tanny Tien-Ni

as Mingyue Hsin 'Moonlight Heart'

Lily Li Li-Li

as 'Lute' Yu Chin

Ching Li

as Chiu Yu Cheng

Fan Mei-Sheng

as Painting Wu

Ku Feng

as Sword Xiao

Norman Chu

as Chess Gu

Lau Wai-Ling

as Poetry Tang

Cheng Miu

as Chiu Shui Ching

Chan Shen

as Kung Sun Tao

Teresa Ha Ping

as Devil Grandma

Ku Kuan-Chung

as Do Ching Tzu

Kong Yeung

as Hsia Chia

Ng Hong-Sang

as Hsia Yi


Chor Yuen


Runme Shaw

Runme Shaw Producer

Ku Long

Ku Long Story

International Releases Dates

Hong Kong 07 October 1976

United States 07 October 1976

Production Companies

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