Under the Sheets Trailer

Under the Sheets Trailer (1976)

20 May 1976 Comedy 86 mins

Three medical students who are reluctant to hit the books and unwilling to work are much more enthusiastic about creating pranks and targeting a thriving confidential, female doctor.

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Karin Schubert

as Il dottor Laura

Karin Schubert

as The Doctor Laura Bonetti

Karin Schubert

as Dr. Laura Bonetti

Orchidea de Santis

as Italian Nurse

Alvaro Vitali

as Alvaro

Gastone Pescucci

as Professor Paolino Chicchirini

Angelo Pellegrino

as Benito Moroni

Eligio Zamara

as Sandro Santarelli

Orchidea de Santis

as Nurse Italia

Gigi Ballista

as Professor Ciotti

Gastone Pescucci

as Il professor Paolino Chicchirini

Enzo Andronico

as Hospital Clerk


International Titles

Bajo las sábanas con la doctora Trailer

Bajo las sábanas de la doctora Trailer

La doctora bajo las sábanas Trailer

International Releases Dates

Italy 20 May 1976

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