Celedonio y yo somos así Trailer

Celedonio y yo somos así Trailer (1977)

01 January 1977 99 mins

Daniel has as the only fortune a stud bull named Celedonio, which he rents for living.

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Alfredo Landa

as Daniel Martínez

Antonio Ozores

as Sr. Contreras

Emma Cohen

as Araceli Palomeque

Josele Román

as Cristina (as María José Román)

Ricardo Tundidor

as Antonio González García

Emilio Laguna

as Revisor del tren

Álvaro de Luna

as Hermano de Cristina

International Releases Dates

Spain 01 January 1977

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Celedonio y yo somos así. A colao?????

Escena de la pelicula Celedonio y yo somos así 1977. - Director: Mariano Ozores. - Actores: Alfredo Landa Emma Cohen Antonio Ozores Josele Román Ricardo Tundidor Emilio Laguna Á

CELEDONIO Y YO SOMOS ASÍ (1974) - Alfredo Landa y Enma Cohen y Ricardo Tundidor conocen Barcelona

Celedonio y yo somos así full hd movie trailer.

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