Chinatown Kid Trailer

Chinatown Kid Trailer (1977)

"He was the Leader of the White Dragons...the Toughest Gang on any Turf!" 02 December 1977 Drama, Action, Thriller 115 mins

Struggling to survive the murderous gang wars of Hong Kong, Tan Tung, a young martial arts street fighter, successfully takes on all challengers—until he runs up against the savage underworld empire of Hong Kong's Triad mafia. Escaping to San Francisco, he again tangles with criminal gangs, but this time fights his way to the top of the city's most feared gangster organization led by the White Dragon boss (Kuo Chui). At last, his rise to power leads to a final, murderous, gang-land war for control of all Chinatown. And in the end, Tan Tung must decide whether he will use his awesome skills to fight for evil...or for to help his best friend Yang Ching.

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Sun Chien

as Yang Jian Wen

Philip Kwok Chun-Fung

as White Dragon

Lo Meng

as Green Dragon

Jenny Tseng

as Yvonne / Li Hua Feng

Shirley Yu Sha-Li

as Lana Chen

Siu Yam-Yam

as Sylvia

Yeung Chi-Hing

as Restaurant owner Chen

Wong Ching-Ho

as Uncle Tang

Lo Dik

as Ah Wen's father

Lu Feng

as White Dragon thug

Chiang Sheng

as Green Dragon thug

Ku Kuan-Chung

as Cook Xiao Ding

Teresa Ha Ping

as Xu Hao's Wife

Kara Hui

as Hostage Whore


Chang Cheh


Run Run Shaw

Run Run Shaw Executive Producer

Mona Fong

Mona Fong Producer

International Titles

以毒攻毒 Trailer

唐人街功夫小子 Trailer

Tang ren jie xiao zi Trailer

International Releases Dates

Hong Kong 02 December 1977

United States 01 January 1978

Production Companies

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Chinatown Kid 1977 trailer

Chinatown Kid full hd movie trailer.

唐人街小子 | Chinatown Kid (1977)

唐人街小子 Chinatown Kid (1977) Alias : 唐人街功夫小子 Alias : 以毒攻毒 Country: Hong Kong Language: Mandarin Genres: Martial Arts Action Rating: II (Hong Kong

CHINATOWN KID trailer [Rare Grindhouse]

shaw brothers movie.

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