Det tause flertall Trailer

Det tause flertall Trailer (1977)

11 March 1977 Drama 91 mins

Young Øystein lives in a small apartment outside Oslo, where every day is filled with everyday habits, and he is constantly looking for someone to marry. Then he meets Britt, which hates conformity and traditional values.

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Marie Takvam

as Øystein's mother

Sverre Gran

as Øystein's father


Svend Wam


International Releases Dates

Norway 11 March 1977

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Det Tause Flertall - 1977 - Wam & Vennerød

Øystein bor i en liten og forfallen leilighet like utenfor Oslo sentrum. Et ungt menneske blant tusener andre. Han spiser pølser med rekesalat spagetti på boks og frosne hamburgere

Det Tause Flertall - Øystein & diskusjonsringen - Wam & Vennerød

du må ha kjøttomslag på pikken vet du så helsa holder!

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