La menace Trailer

La menace Trailer (1977)

28 September 1977 Action, Thriller, Crime 117 mins

Henri Savin has managed a trucking company for his lover, Dominique Montlaur, for many years. Now he is planning to leave her for Julie Manet, the woman he has made pregnant, and Dominique is hysterical. She first threatens suicide, then shows up at a meeting of Savin and Julie. Dominique tries everything she can think of to break Savin and Julie apart, to no avail. Frustrated in her efforts, she jumps off a cliff and dies. Savin insists that he and Julie lie to the police about the encounter, although Dominique's death was a suicide and therefore they had no direct hand in it. Detective Waldeck investigates Dominique's death.

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Yves Montand

as Henri Savin

Carole Laure

as Julie Manet

Marie Dubois

as Dominique Montlaur

Jean-François Balmer

as l'inspecteur Waldeck

Marc Eyraud

as le juge d'instruction Baron

Roger Muni

as Bruno

Michel Ruhl

as Maître Leverrier

Gabriel Gascon

as Pannequin

Albert Michel

as l'épicier

Pierre Frag

as Maurice

Marie Pillet

as Yvette


Gerry Mulligan

Original Music Composer

Pierre-William Glenn

Pierre-William Glenn Director of Photography

International Releases Dates

France 28 September 1977

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La Menace 1977 Trailer

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La menace full hd movie trailer.

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La menace full hd movie trailer.

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