Madame Rosa Trailer

Madame Rosa Trailer (1977)

02 November 1977 Drama 105 mins

Madame Rosa lives in a sixth-floor walkup in the Pigalle; she's a retired prostitute, Jewish and an Auschwitz survivor, a foster mom to children of other prostitutes. Momo is the oldest and her favorite, an Algerian lad whom she raises as a Muslim. He asks about his parents; she answers evasively. As she ages and takes fewer children, Momo must do more for her; as money is tight, he tries to earn pennies on the street with a puppet. He's a beautiful man-child, and Madame Rosa makes him promise never to sell himself or become a pimp. A film editor, Nadine, befriends him, and his father appears as well. Madame Rosa reaches her last days in fear of hospitals, and Momo must act.

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Simone Signoret

as Madame Rosa

Gabriel Jabbour

as M. Hamil

Bernard La Jarrige

as Louis Charmette - un retraité SNCF

Mohamed Zinet

as Kadir Youssef

Elio Bencoil

as Moïse

Stella Annicette

as Madame Lola

El Kebim

as Mimoun


International Releases Dates

France 02 November 1977

United States 19 March 1978

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Madame Rosa

Madame Rosa full hd movie trailer.

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