Shaolin Death Squad Trailer

Shaolin Death Squad Trailer (1977)

"Brute force destroys reign of terror!" 09 December 1977 90 mins

When a ruthless Japanese premier murders a statesman to further his own ambitions, the victim's daughter vows to avenge his death. While planning retribution, she uncovers the premier's villainous plot to kill the king and succeed him as Emperor. His seizure of the throne would only result in tyranny and ruin for Japan. With the help of the SHAOLIN DEATH SQUAD who pledge their undying loyalty to the king, the statesman's vengeful daughter sets out to foil the premier's diabolical plan. Stunning swordsmanship and captivating kung fu action make this film a true visual spectacular for the martial arts enthusiast.

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Taiwan 09 December 1977

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Shaolin Death Squad (1977)

A statesman is killed by the Japanese in a bid for becoming emperor. Now there will be vengence. Shaolin Death Squad 1977 kể về câu chuyện báo thù của cô con gái một viê

Martial Arts Movies 2017 720p | Martial League: Shaolin Death Squads

Martial Arts Movies 2017 720p | Martial League: Shaolin Death Squads shaolin death squads: (1977) director: chan siu pang cast: polly shang kwan cliff lok carter wong lung fei the

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Shaolin Death Squad full hd movie trailer.

Shaolin Death Squad "Five Deadly Venoms"

I do not own the rights to this music. All rights go to Shaolin Death Squad if you like it buy it. Enjoy the music. 1. Romanza - 00:00 2. Centipede - 01:11 3. Snake - 05:21 4. Scorpion

The Shaolin Death Squad (1977 dvd) starring Carter Wong

"Maybe you'll get the crown but you'll never be a King." "You'd be a tyrant hated by all."

Shaolin Death Squad - Promotional Compilation

various clips from various Intelligent Design line-up.

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