Cleopatra Wong Trailer

Cleopatra Wong Trailer (1978)

"She purrs like a kitten..makes love like a siren. This side of the pacific, she is the meanest, deadliest and sexiest secret agent." 10 November 1978 Drama, Action 110 mins

Singapore's top policewoman, Miss Cleopatra Wong, who heads the Seasian Interpol Criminal Investigation Department (C.I.D.), teams up with her Filipino counterpart to bust a counterfeit currency operation that threatens several Asian countries with bankruptcy. Their dangerous quest takes them from Singapore to Hong Kong and finally Manila where they locate the counterfeit ring's Asian headquarters, which is being run by local nuns, forced into slave labor. The martial arts action is fast and furious as Cleopatra and her teams launch an attack to destroy the counterfeiter's and their headquarters in an explosive finale in this fun-filled, action-packed adventure.

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International Titles

Female Big Boss Trailer

They Call Her Cleopatra Wong Trailer

International Releases Dates

Denmark 10 November 1978

France 22 July 1981

Production Companies

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They called her cleopatra wong 1978 full movie

Cleopatra Wong full hd movie trailer.

They Call Her... Cleopatra Wong (1978) Trailer - Color / 0:53 mins

They Call Cleopatra Wong (also known as Cleopatra Wong and Female Big Boss) is a 1978 Philippine-Singaporean international co-production film ...

They Call Her... Cleopatra Wong - Trailer

Singapore | Action | 1978 | 76 minutes | English | NC16 Directed by Bobby A Suarez Cleopatra Wong is Asian Interpol's answer to James Bond Flint Cleopatra ...

They Call her Cleopatra Wong trailer (selfmade)

My Tribute to this funny and cool b-movie from the 70's. Used music is from Nancy Sinatra (Burning down the spark).

They Call Her Cleopatra Wong (1978)

Full review: Wong (Lee) is an agent assigned to investigate a flood of near-undetectable counterfeit money ...

They Call Her...Cleopatra Wong (1978)

They Call Wong (1978) is a film by the late Filipino filmmaker Bobby and starred Singaporean actress Marrie Lee in the title role as a ...

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