Deadly Chase Trailer

Deadly Chase Trailer (1978)

08 December 1978 Crime 90 mins

Luc Merenda tries to be the tough guy which you can't really take serious. This stands for the whole movie. You get groovy 70's music, some action, a story which is quasi non existent and above all a funny rape scene where the victims actually enjoy what is happening...

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Luc Merenda

as Commissario Verrazzano

Janet Ågren

as Giulia Medici

Patrizia Gori

as Giorgia

Chris Avram

as Marco Verelli


International Releases Dates

Italy 08 December 1978

Production Companies

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Deadly Chase - 1978 - Luc Merenda Giancarlo Rizzo and Janet Argen. Ripped from a fuzzy German VHS tape w/Dutch subs for your viewing displeasure.

Deadly Chase Trailer - 1992

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Deadly Chase - 1978 - Luc Merenda Giancarlo Rizzo and Janet Argen. Ripped from a fuzzy German VHS tape w/Dutch subs for your viewing displeasure. Full Movies Kung Fu English


Deadly Chase full hd movie trailer.

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Charlie Chin & James Nam.

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