Perceval Trailer

Perceval Trailer (1978)

07 February 1978 Drama, History, Romance 140 mins

The film chronicles Perceval's knighthood, maturation and eventual peerage amongst the Knights of the Round Table, and also contains brief episodes from the story of Gawain and the crucifixion of Christ.

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Fabrice Luchini

as Perceval

Arielle Dombasle

as Blanchefleur

Marie-Christine Barrault

as La Reine Guenevievre

Coco Ducados

as La Demoiselle Hideuse

Gilles Raab

as Sagremor

Michel Etcheverry

as Le Roi Pecheur

Guy Delorme

as Clamadieu des Iles

Marc Eyraud

as Le Roi Arthur

Michel Etcheverry

as Fisher King


Éric Rohmer

Éric Rohmer Scenario Writer

Néstor Almendros

Néstor Almendros Director of Photography

International Releases Dates

France 07 February 1978

United States 08 October 1978

Production Companies

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Copyright: Les films du Losange: - Bande-annonce de ladaptation du roman de Chrétien de Troyes. Avec Fabrice Luchini André Dussollier Pascale de Boysson Gé

Perceval le Gallois (1978) Trailer

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Voici la publication du mardi jour dédié aux poètes français du Moyen-Âge : Un film d'Éric Rohmer réalisé en 1964 pour la série "En profil dans le texte" de collection la "Lettres"...

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