Sketches of a Strangler Trailer

Sketches of a Strangler Trailer (1978)

"Beautiful women were his models. And his victims!" 01 January 1978 91 mins

An art student living with his sister is actually a maniac strangling dancers and prostitutes. One victim's sister starts looking for him...

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International Releases Dates

United States 01 January 1978

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SKETCHES OF A STRANGLER Trailer w/ Meredith MacRae

Starring ALLEN GOORWITZ and MEREDITH MACRAE A disturbed art student uses his desire to paint beautiful women as a guise to get them alone. These women of the night prostitutes and

Sketches of a Strangler #2 - Life Class

Juicy films with pics and clips. Fatboy Allen Garfield strangles some poor cow in the deliriously awful stalker flick Sketches . Amateur artist Jack (Allen Goorwitz) attempts to

Sketches of a Strangler

Amateur artist Jack (Allen Goorwitz) attempts to sketch a model from life with hilarious consequences. -- Juicy films with pics and clips. Fatboy Allen Garfield strangles some poor

Sketches of a Strangler

-- Juicy films with pics and clips. Fatboy Allen Garfield strangles some poor cow in the deliriously awful stalker flick Sketches of a Strangler.

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