Buffet Froid Trailer

Buffet Froid Trailer (1979)

19 December 1979 Comedy, Crime 89 mins

An absurd black comedy that cunningly reverses the conventions of the crime thriller to comment on the alienating and dehumanizing effects of contemporary urban life. Alphonse Tram is unwittingly involved in several murders despite having no memory of committing the crimes. His confusion lead him to confess to his neighbour, Inspector Morvandieu. Alphonse and Morvandieu become the axis around which murders occur.

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Gérard Depardieu

as Alphonse Tram

Bernard Blier

as Inspecteur Morvandieu

Jean Carmet

as L'assassin

Michel Serrault

as Le quidam, comptable

Geneviève Page

as Geneviève, la veuve

Jean Benguigui

as Le tueur à gages

Marco Perrin

as Le maçon réveillé la nuit

Carole Bouquet

as La jeune femme

Bernard Crombey

as Le toubib

Denise Gence

as L'hôtesse au château

Jean Rougerie

as Eugène Léonard, le témoin

Michel Fortin

as Le locataire musicien

Pierre Frag

as L'homme divorcé

Roger Riffard

as Le garde de la tour

Maurice Travail

as Le garde du terrain vague


Jean Penzer

Jean Penzer Director of Photography

Johannes Brahms

Original Music Composer

Franz Schubert

Original Music Composer

Philippe Sarde

Original Music Composer

Jacques Plante

Original Music Composer

Théobald Meurisse

Théobald Meurisse Set Decoration

Jean-Pierre Ruh

Jean-Pierre Ruh Sound Engineer

Michèle Cerf

Michèle Cerf Costume Design

International Titles

Den Mörder trifft man am Buffet Trailer

Cold Cuts Trailer

International Releases Dates

Germany 13 November 1992

France 19 December 1979

Production Companies

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Buffet Froid 1979 trailer

Buffet Froid 1979 trailer movie starring Gérard Depardieu IMDB -

Buffet froid ( bande annonce )

Buffet Froid full hd movie trailer.

Buffet froid 1979

Black comedy about solitude and the dehumanization of the modern world through the adventures of three men. First introduced is Alphonse Tram an unemployed young man. His only neighbour

Buffet froid 1979

Black comedy about solitude and the dehumanization of the modern world through the adventures of three men. First introduced is Alphonse Tram . Buffet Froid 1979 trailer starring Gé

Buffet froid 1979

Buffet Froid full hd movie trailer.

Buffet Froid Extrait Michel Serrault & Gérard Depardieu

Buffet Froid full hd movie trailer.

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