Death Duel of Kung Fu Trailer

Death Duel of Kung Fu Trailer (1979)

31 December 1979 Drama, Action, Foreign 87 mins

Ming General Cheng (Wang Dao) and his band of soldiers escape to Taiwan after Ching forces topple the Ming Dynasty. Still fearing the deposed general's deadly potential, however, the Ching prince Ta orders his own band of ruthless mercenaries to finish off Cheng and his warriors. The rivals prove to be equally skilled, and soon everybody is kung fu-fighting in this action-heavy martial arts spectacular.

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John Liu

as Sung Hsin

Don Wong Tao

as Sun Shing Kwei

Charlie Chan Yiu-Lam

as Kai Yee Chi

Peter Chan Lung

as Marshall Tao's assistant

Eagle Han Ying

as To Ku Lan


Cheung Kei


International Releases Dates

Taiwan 31 December 1979

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DEATH DUEL OF KUNG FU (1979) is an unsung kung fu gem featuring two of the most dynamic Taiwan-based kung fu movie stars of the era John Liu and Wong Tao reunited here after their

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Death Duel of Kung Fu full hd movie trailer.

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Death Duel of Kung Fu

John Liu takes on Eagle Han Ying's henchmen; wonderful boot work.

death duel of kung fu 5

After the Ming Dynasty is annihilated by Ching warriors from Manchuria Ming's General Cheng escaped to Taiwan. Worried that Cheng may launch a counterattack Ching's Prince Ta sends his

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